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Patient Delight Management

Patient Delight Management

Patient Delight Management application that is evolving to become a unique ‘Service Excellence Management‘ system for Healthcare loaded with lot of insights, trend dashboards and analytics for improvising the patient experience and engagement.


The Patient Feedback application has the following stages that complete the feedback life cycle:

1.     Collation of Feedback (Based on the Patient Type i.e. IPD, OPD, International, Emergency, Day Care, Health Packages etc.) from the maximum sources possible through the structured form (Tab, Paper, Website, Kiosks, Email-Push, SMS-URL-Push, Outbound Call etc) and unstructured (Email-Pull, Facebook, Twitter, Comments Card, Post etc.) are collected as per the HIS integrated demographic parameters.

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Dashboards: Quantitative scores / ratings based on the NPS & other parameters as per the configured scale through multiple trend dashboards while the qualitative / comments can be analyzed based on the identified keywords through word cloud and other reports format.

2.     Admin & Ward Round: Feedback collation from the patient during his stay in the hospital (available on Web & Mobile Android App version) during on the spot admin & ward round.

3.     Feedback Analysis Ticket Management Engine: Collated feedback are bucketed under:

  • Complaints: are further segregated under Severity (one to four) to follow actionable Root Cause Analysis, Corrective Action, Preventive Action under a predefined TAT for various stakeholders to derive separate actionable follow up activity task boards through a calendar for quality improvisations service excellence dashboards.
  • Suggestions: For adding notes by the functional heads for management decision making assistance.
  • Special Requests: If that extra service that can be done to delight the patient experience.
  • Appreciations: For validations to be utilized by rewards and recognition.

4.     CAPA Audit for Service Excellence: The RCA & CAPA done by various stakeholders/ Functional Heads for Complaints of Severity-1 & 2 are analyzed by the Service Excellence Team through star rating and further Re-opening (if required).

5.     Patient Communication: Assist in the sophisticated patient communication through inbuilt Mail & SMS channel along with Call (type-in) interaction to complete the loop of Patient Feedback life cycle.

6.    Patient Preference Based Pro-active Actionable Alerts: Based on the historical feedback & preference mapped with the Patients, an alert (via email / SMS & dashboard) is triggered for the functional heads during the time of admission for actionable pro-active checklist to delight the patient.