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Operational Excellence

"Striving to achieve operational excellence is one of the most important contributors to an organization’s sustainable performance and growth."

Companies that reach for a higher level of operational excellence reap numerous benefits – a systemic, evolving and effective approach to business operations; a continually productive and innovative workforce; and an organization that consistently realizes sustainable growth and increasing valuation. We offer top notch and cult level of services that promises to deliver excellence
combined with quality.

The first step in our design is setting a destination so that we will know exactly where we are going. Our destination is to create Operational Excellence, where each and every employee can see the flow of value to the customer, and fix that flow before it breaks down. Furthermore, our solutions act as a catalyst for your employees which enhancesthe efficiency and productivity of your organization. The aftereffect of achieving Operational Excellence is echoed in maximum yield within an organization which sets everything outplay.

Focus points of our Applications:

  • Standardizing the processes for a simplified workflow
  • Framing system around SOP
  •  Avoids duplicity of works, leading to cost & time saving
  •  Backend service operations management

Here are the tools to achieve operational excellence in your organization

Turn Around Time (TAT) based service level management of complaints & request of back-end departments like Engineering/ Maintenance, BME, Front Office, IT etc.

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Manages complete life cycle stages of an asset from Procurement to Expected Life, configured with Support Alerts, exhaustive Checklist based Preventive Maintenance, Allotment History, integrated Help Desk for TAT based Break Downs, Threshold Spare Management and Depreciation status to derive the efficiency of the asset, vendor & service engineer.

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Operational Task Management

Integrated with SLA based escalations, empowers users to perform KRA-KPI based tasks as per check list & creating online Knowledge Resource for future to improvise their Productivity Score.

Business Process Management

Uniquely configures milestones mapped with owners for Turn Around Time (TAT) based activities involving respective departments.

Ensures the service levels for corporate patients as per predefined SLA through personalized experience.

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Mobile Machine Order

Service request management of Medical Tests for IPD Patients through Mobile Machines like X-ray, CT Scan, Ultrasound, Echo etc.

Pharmacy Order Tracker

Systematic tracking of every order of medicines interlinked with Pharmacy department for timely & accurate delivery of medicines to the IPD patients.

Cross Referral Application

Organizes & Tracks the workflow of Internal Departmental Referrals by one Doctor to another for timely acknowledgment of the Patient based on their medical condition.

Immediate alerts for the critical result in patient's report to all the respective stakeholders for taking prompt action towards patient's treatment.

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Audit Checklists

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) based audits are tracked through various digital checklists for different processes like admission, Infection control, Patient safety etc.

Long Stay Patient Tracker

Tracks the duration of patient's stay in the hospital so that management can analyze the reason of their long stay.

Patient Discharge Tracker

Instant Alert Generation for Mapped Stakeholders to speed-up the process of Patient Discharge process.

Lab & Radiology Tracker

Organizes and speeds-up the process of Lab or Radiology order to avoid any delay in the report delivery.

Patient Movement Tracker

Manages & tracks the crucial movement of the IPD patients as per priority & also alerts are generated for the associated departments for smooth transfer of the patient.

Medication Process Tracker

It acts as an internal audit (TAT based) of Medication Process to check medicine's compliance as per the prescribed schedule by the doctor.