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Case Study – Help Desk Management

Executive Summary

This prestigious multi-specialty hospital got its new web application of Complaints & Requests management by implementing DreamSol. Now, the hospital is able to enhance their Patient’s Experience by giving quick resolutions to their concerns.

About our client

Client Description: Hospital’s massive 2.1 million sq. ft. campus provides 1,600+ beds and houses facilities for over 22+ super-specialties, all under one roof. Each floor is dedicated to a specialization to ensure that they function as independent hospitals within a hospital and yet have the comfort of collaborating on complex cases.

Client Location: Gurugram, Haryana

Industry: Healthcare

Dreamsol’s Solution

DreamSol provides an effective centralized Help Desk Management system that covers all the regular complaints/ feedbacks/ request/ suggestions from various internal stakeholders with provision to extend these to services for external stakeholders as well.

Some of the key features:

  • Backend Service Operations Management- DreamSol helps in developing the Complaints & Requests management system by organizing the workflow of backend service departments like Engineering, HK, BME, IT, FO etc.
  • Integrated Communication – The web application has instant inbuilt multi-communication channels i.e. Online, Call & SMS.
  • SLA based TAT- Every complaint or request has a predefined Turn-Around-Time (TAT) to be resolved. If the processing time exceeds the TAT, then it escalates to L5 as per the roaster.
  • Exhaustive MIS reports- The system generates analytical graphical dashboards for respective hierarchies wit daily, weekly, monthly summary mails.

Challenges faced by our client

Our client was earlier using the industry’s best Call Management Software of the Hotel Industry, but it had some constraints like:

  • Customizations– Our Client was not able to get process-specific customizations instead the client was required to adapt as per process of the application.
  • Not Specific to Healthcare– The earlier version was not specific for healthcare industry; hence many needs were not fulfilled.
  • Fixed Workflow: The client was looking forward to have its own department-wise configurable workflows.
  • Analytical Dashboards: The reports that were generated were limited to certain formats however the management was looking forward for trend based dashboards to understand the root cause & its improvisations.


  • Analytical reports for Management- Now our client is facilitated with the option of viewing all the collective reports at one place. The management can monitor and analyze every process on real time basis which helps in deducing the trend analysis over the period of time. These reports help in taking crucial managerial decisions.
  • Helps in identifying loopholes- By analyzing the real-time reports & dashboards, the management can identify even the minute gaps/loopholes in the processes.
  • Employee productivity reports- In the application, various departments are mapped with the employees according to the roaster. Every department has its own TAT to resolve the issue, so every employee’s performance can be easily tracked based on Productivity scorecard.
  • Enhancement of Patient Experience- The organized structure of the application helps in resolving the issues in fixed timelines, which ultimately helps in giving an extra edge to the patient service. This system also focuses on enhancing the experience of Patients during their stay in hospital.