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The growth of DreamSol hinges on its flexibility & Agile Methodology with round the clock personalized services focusing on the needs of our clients.

Incepted in 2005 with only handful of conceived telecom solutions, today DreamSol with its constant endeavor towards developing and delivering breakthrough solutions has sculpted its path in Healthcare and other major Industries. We are bootstrapped ever since we came into existence.

DreamSol is aware that its performance is the key to its existence, and that the people working at and collaborating with DreamSol are crucial in creating these results.

We believe in “Innovating Business Processes” to enhance the organizational productivity by enabling ICT, Cloud & Mobility transformation in addition to re-engineering. Hand in hand together we stan here to elevate your experience of unlearning and relearning the augmented system. Here, at DreamSol technology meets innovation by offering Productivity Management Applications customized to the minute details of Business Processes of our clients.

But enough about us- Let’s talk about you. Tell us about your problems and we will come up with a simplified solution ensuring a sure shot rise in the productivity of your organization.

2005: Unified Communications

For Large Enterprises Integrated with existing ERP/ SAP / MIS/ HIMS other solutions

2008: Mobile Governance Solutions:

Complete Integrated Offerings for various state agencies, ministries, department etc.

2011: Business Process Solutions

Niche Market with big potential with end to end integrated Solutions.

2013 Onwards: Productivity Cloud Offerings

Productivity Management Applications for SME Sector, Large Enterprises & Healthcare.

Our Work

DreamSol is intended to propose a unique execution framework and accomplish client’s business objectives instead of simply providing technical solutions. Our work culture strives to improve your capability, help you achieve your objective in minimum time possible, in a cost effective way and by providing a well responsive system. The objective of our disruptive Productivity applications is to empower people, integrate TAT based processes & make assets and resources efficient with inbuilt AI further that should be adaptive, easy to use with crisp analytical dashboards to help in decision-making.

Every product in itself is destined to address the pain areas by acquainting automation in the process of Healthcare, SME & Large Enterprises.

As these exclusionary tools are designed with an approach to identify department-wise SOP-KRA-KPI to help achieve & measure them because whatever is measured can be achieved.


We ally with the vision of our clients and make it our own, providing Enterprise Solution.

You Advise. We Customize.