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Quick Turnaround Success Stories

Brining the WoW Factor out of Patient Complaints:

Today, in most of the hospitals even if the VOC is collected through Smart Tabs but due to lack of correlated tools the ultimate objective of enhancing the patient experience is grossly missed as the focus remains on increasing the NPS. However, with our new age Patient Delight Management application currently 150+ hospitals, 100+ Clinics, 250+ Pharmacies not only focus on having unbiased feedback to analyze the trend based scores but get Seriousness Assessment Matrix (SAM) based sentiment analysis for RCA-CAPA. The element of predictive analysis further helps to give WoW experience during next visits and 50+ insightful MIS and improvement dashboards enhances the Service Excellence.

On The Toes Patient Care

Whatever gets measured gets done: One of the largest single site hospital units of India was using a leading US based call management software before they migrated to our Help Desk Management application due to its simplicity and uniqueness to handle Turn Around Time (TAT) based requests and complaints along with their complete checklist. Today, it handles around 50,000+ realtime tickets monthly to provide prompt on the toes patient services. While another hospital of ours won the prestigious Gold Excellence award from Asian Healthcare society, Bangkok. And now it’s been adapted by Asia’s largest hospital as well.

Converting Customer Queries to Generate Revenues

The largest healthcare group of the Middle East comprising 80+ Clinics, 250+ Pharmacies and multiple hospital units relies on our Query Management tool to swiftly handle thousands of queries in a day. It has a dynamic workflow basis the type of selected query to auto-allocate the owner for the efficient closure within the pre-defined TAT. The on-time closure not only increases the satisfaction measured through SMS but generates direct and in-direct revenue for the group.

Creating Benchmarks In Patient Safety

Multiple new age hospitals have adapted our Audit Checklist tool to reduce errors and omissions and improve patient quality and safety. It is effectively utilized to configure the JCI, NABH, DHA & other statutory & non-statutory compliances to improvise the service & operational excellence of the organization. It is a configurable Mobile & Web based tool to effectively track various instant and scheduled task compliances as per the SOP for process improvement and get real time MIS & Dashboards.

Asset Management Life Cycle

Uniquely manages the complete life-cycle stages like Registration, Procure- ment, Installation, Commissioning, Support (Contract), Checklist based Preventive Maintenance, Allotment, Transfer, Breakdown Management, Calibration, Condemnation & Spare Management to effectively manage the assets for Maintenance, IT & Bio Medical Engineering departments.

Operational Excellence Tools

The largest hospital of India has partnered with us to automate around 25+ process improvement bench-marking Operational Excellence applications over the last eight years. These tools integrate with HIS to automate various processes to enhance the productivity of various departments by focusing on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of various departmental processes.

Exhaustive Analytical Process Improvement Dashboards to Optimise Patient Care & Service Quality Improvisation

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